Learn alongside with the student

Since our children are the ‘Information age’, I suggest that  teacher must be prepared to offer children access to range of ICT regardless of the teacher’s own personal capability. In developing a lifelong learner, I think that teacher needs to reconsider his or her role and, where necessary, shift from being the ‘expert’ to the ‘ learner’ alongside the child.Reading both Lauran and  Gen’s blogpost about Post visit to the prac site had given me some great little tips on becoming learner again.

The key focus regarding using ICT to support teaching and learning is not, ‘Can I, the teacher, manage to use the equipment?’ but rather on the ‘fitness for purpose’ of ICT in a given situation..

The most important question that we as educator must ask ourselves, Is it support learning? Does it develop skills and knowledge in a curriculum area other than ICT? Or does it help a child to learn more or encourage cooperation with other children?

You may read these before you come to the conclusion:

” Should teachers bring ICT into the classroom?”

Technology can bring the real world into the classroom

It is important to note that early year education is about the whole child and not about subjects taken in isolation. It is therefore important to remember that using ICT is not just about a child learning, for example, to use a digital camera, a computer or sensors, but also it is a means for contribution to the wider development of each individual child and indeed to the broader aims of education.


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