Computer and Preschoolers

During my preparation for my teaching practicum of ICT in the preschool setting, I had a short discussion with my mentor and she provided me some great points for me to learn. Now i would like to share with you all =)

The research shows that children three and four years of age are developmentally ready to explore computers and most early childhood educators see the computer center as a valuable activity center for learning. After reading one of my coursemates, Nazmeela blog post about “What is Your Definition of a Good Teacher?”   ,  for me, I found that the timing is crucial.  Children need plenty of time to experiment and explore. Young children are comfortable clicking various options to see what is going to happen next. Teachers may want to intervene when children appear frustrated or when nothing seems to be happening. Frequently, just a quick word or two, even across the room, reminds children what they need to do next to reach their desired goal. Providing children with minimal help teaches them they can operate the computer successfully . In addition, by observing what children are doing, the teacher can ask probing questions or propose problems to enhance and expand children’s computer experiences. In Ellie’s blog post , she mentioned that “no two children are exactly the same” ; I am really agree with her philosophy of teaching,  it is important to acknowledge that  each child is unique, and each child has his/her own style of learning before you plan and carry out a lesson.

You might need to take a look at this article 18 Myths People Believe About Education  as well as Nik’s blog post about What are the qualities of a good educational technology trainer? for you to develop your attitudes about teaching=)

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