Reflection regarding to Teaching practice ( part 2)

Finally, missions completed!

Before I really ‘ close files’ about my teaching practice and get ready for another challenging journey. I would like to share how I felt at times when my colleagues come into my classroom to observe how I integrate ICT into children’s learning. “I know they are thinking that I am just too ‘ambitious’ in using ICT in early years setting. However,  I am finally feeling that I can defend what I do, explain why integrate ICT in children’s learning is so important. I learnt that integration of ICT in the lesson involves teachers in careful planning and preparation, both inside and outside the classroom. A program that involved ICT needs teachers who enjoy being spontaneous, involved and creative, as well as reflective and analytical.
By clicking the NAEYC position statement and this website, you may know more about the importance of organizing for children’s learning.
You may also read my course mates mrsgrimshaw and katiereed  learning experiences during teaching practice. They provide me some encouragements and motivation in continuing integrating ICT into children’s learning. 

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